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So ... What Does Nigel Actually Believe And Say?

What I actually believe, at this time.

A visit to the past, initially ...



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"A TWISTED [offensive and incorrect] teacher jailed for downloading 11,000 [20] vile [many incredibly beautiful] images of children [IIOC, under POCA 1978] is masterminding [sic] a website [forum] for paedophiles [all welcome] from behind bars. [really? I mean ... really?]

Disgraced [empowered] chemistry tutor [Head of Science] [Dr] Nigel Oldfield, 44, plays "agony uncle" to perverts [anyone] who log on [no, open access and moderated] to the site, which justifies paedophile activities [e.g. tennis, golf, banking?] and demands [sic] sex with children be made legal."


This will require a little more detail.

Whenever anyone discusses that "sex with children be made legal", what is being discussed, is nothing more than the legal Age of Consent (Map).

Of course, in my jurisdiction, children can already have sex from 18 down to 16, (due to a child being defined, of that age, in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child), as can 'adults' from 16 upwards (as specified by the SOA 2003, with exceptions). Child and Adult, simultaneously; the wonders of 'Law'.

For this reason, however radical or offensive, to some, such discussions are necessary, valuable and certain, in an ever-changing world.

My position is as it has always been.

I do not have any major issues with the present AoC (indeed, prosecutions are tempered, in near-age cases, and sentences are not too draconian, at this time - although the aftermath certainly is, in many cases).

In an ideal world, every case would be taken on its own merits, and/or the AoC would be linked to the continuing, increasing, mental and physical maturity, of young people, at an earlier and earlier age.

I do reserve the right to discuss issues of consent, what they are and if they even have any reality or consistency, in comparison to other potentially-dangerous, even life-threatening, activities, which we allow minors to consent to, and participate, in.

So ... sex with some children is already legal (i.e. it need not be 'demanded', in those cases), and I am cautiously-ambivalent, on the present AoC, leaning towards downward shifts, throughout time; as always, evidenced-based.


"The site also advises paedophiles on how to download child porn without being caught." [I have always challenged anyone to prove this to be the case. I have yet still to be provided with any evidence - enough said - the offer is indefinite.]

"Oldfield uses the telephone and the post to direct his online sex offenders' network."


The most authoritative, detailed and correct version of this period, at this time, is to be found in the superb account, from Inquisition 21st century, here ...

The Appalling Vista - the fight back against Operation Ore.

I will cover this period, in the future, in more detail.


To do:

"One rant on the website's message board states: "Everyone will have sex with anyone unless they restrict themselves - so everyone is a bisexual paedophile. The common sense position is that it is biologically normal that adolescents are sexually attractive.""

"In response to a music teacher being jailed for downloading 38,000 child porn images, another posting says: "This man has harmed no-one, and is being forced to pretend that he hates his sexuality."

""I'm in a similar situation, having been twice convicted of possession of child pictures. I've just finished a sex offenders' course. Two-and-a-half hours of mind-numbing tedium each week was the real punishment.""

"The site also provides "model answers" to those caught downloading child porn to help them escape prosecution and offers technical explanations so paedophiles can claim they viewed images by mistake."

"Oldfield was arrested in August 2002 after a shopper saw him taking pictures of children in Sheffield's Meadowhall shopping centre. Police then discovered child porn images on computers at his flat in Doncaster. He set up the website, which the Mirror has chosen not to name, while out on licence after serving eight months for possessing child porn."

"The site was axed in May by internet service providers after a police probe and Oldfield's probation team ordered he return to prison."

"But now he has managed to restart it and Oldfield is in contact with fellow perverts on the running of the website, which offers a mobile number and an email address to offer one-to-one "support"."

"Victims' charity Phoenix Survivors is now joining British police and the FBI in a bid to shut down the site. Phoenix chief executive, Shy Keenan, said: "Oldfield has somehow managed to get this up and running right under the noses of prison guards."

""He's made contact with his cronies for the day-to-day running of the site, while he is still on hand to offer his sick form of 'advice'."

"The worry is site users have their warped opinions reinforced by other paedophiles and go on to abuse. It makes their behaviour seem normal and seeks to justify their actions."

"It also helps them cover their tracks, making their crimes even harder to detect."

"The original site was shut down by US service provider iPowerweb when it learned of the nature of the site. The site's latest version went online last week but the new American internet provider was unavailable for comment."

"Police have vowed to monitor the website."

"The latest web scandal comes as the Home Office consults on plans to outlaw the downloading of violent and abusive images."



More to follow.